I was inspired to take up photography primarily by my experiences working with cinematographers on film and television sets. As an on-set dresser I'm responsible for maintaining the final appearance of the set decoration and I spend much of my time with the camera operators, ensuring that every detail is attended to and that the composition is harmonious.  I finished a four-year stint on the Netflix drama House of Cards in 2015 and am presently working on the upcoming Netflix drama Mindhunter.

Initially I took most of my pictures while traveling abroad.  Due to my life as a migrant film worker, I've come to realize that in some sense most of my work is travel photography, as I'm always exploring the place where I am in the present.  I no longer believe it needs to be anywhere exotic, we are never far from amazing places and people.  This outlook inspired my slogan: "Travel wherever you are."

Working in film has also moved me to direct and I've made two short films; Gerald Full of Wonder and The Man.